10 Security Alarm Systems for Apartments: No More Burglary Threat

Security Alarm Systems for ApartmentsWhat to say, burglars love apartments more than houses. Fortunately, modern security alarm systems are especially designed for minimizing this risk. Nowadays, you are helped to protect your life and properties with easy-installed, well-operated and quite affordable security alarm systems for apartments. They are all equipped with points, or ‘contacts’, which sense any potential unauthorized entry. All you need is to switch on/off your keypad system.

Why Is Apartment Burglary a Concern?

The sad truth is that most apartment burglaries occur during the day (when people are at work) or at night (while everyone is sleeping or not at home). Burglars look for jewelry, laptops, watches, expensive guns and hard cash, wanting quick money. According to the statistics, 30% of burglars gain apartment access through either an open door or window, using hammers, small bars, screw drivers and channel-lock pliers.

Remember that an unoccupied apartment with both easy access/escape and a great amount of cover is considered the best target for burglars. That is why, your main securing objective is making the apartment hard-broken.

2 Types of Apartment Alarm Systems

Types of Apartment Alarm Systems

Monitored Systems help to send a message to the central station if a burglar opens your door or window. The system waits within 30-45 seconds for the owner to have some chance to deactivate it. The point is in motion sensors which detect a burglar inside the apartment. In fact, these are the owner, police, medical authorities and fire department to be contacted by the monitoring center, working round the clock. This actually potentiates the burglar to be immediately captured.

Unmonitored Systems are easily noticeable flashing lights or on-site alarms, forcing the burglar to run away. They typically rely either on a neighbor or passersby who can call the police. No doubt, the combination of alarms and flash lights is the best option. These days people prefer wireless alarm systems: inside motion sensors plus at-door/at-window contacts, key pads, control panels and siren.

10 Apartment Alarm Systems of Great Demand

Burglar Alarms

The alarms connect apartments with central monitoring stations, being installed in doors or windows. They detect any unauthorized entry and immediately report to the authorities.

Smoke Detectors

They detect smoke in your apartment, are disc shaped and placed in the kitchens.

Gas Leakage Alarms

These are compact electronic units which help to detect higher gas concentration or its leakage.

Glass Break Detectors

Such devices are sensitive to wood splintering and glass breaking. Shock and acoustic sensors detect any vibrations of glass breaking.

Panic Buttons

They send alerts in case of a person or property threat, for example, if somebody falls and wants to reach the telephone.

Pressure Mats

Those are located under the door mats, reacting on anyone who steps on them.

Closed Circuit TVs & Cameras

Home security cameras can see everyone at the threshold, while you are inside. They can be both hidden/unhidden, also being able to switch on/off when not needed.

Window Alarm Screens

They offer protection for both open and closed windows.

Fire Alarms

Smoke, heat and burglary detectors can send alerts when they sense any motion or body heat.

Infra-Red Motion Sensors

Now, the heat of an object can identify anyone passing through the secured zone, even the pets.

Alarm Systems for Apartments

In other words, modern options provide remote notification through a phone call or your Internet connection. You can simply watch what is happening inside your apartment with the help of a video camera.

Modern systems also provide flooding, carbon monoxide and other medical emergency protection. Home automation of security alarm systems works wonders for apartments, really! Nevertheless, we wish you peaceful living in any place.

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