Battery for Home Alarm System: The User’s Manual

Battery for Home Alarm SystemGenerally, most home security system manufacturers sell branded replacement and back-up batteries. The most commonly used charging devices are those by Ademco, ADT, Caddx, DSC, GE Security, Napco, Visonic, and many more. Despite their high prices, either wired or wireless alarm systems can only benefit from back-up batteries. This is because they are considered to be safe-guard against thieves, power outages and disarming your system.

In fact, batteries are vital for the whole wireless operation. They help running your control panel, transmitters, key fob, motion detector and other alarm accessories. More so, keeping up with your batteries maintained and tested is important too. Surely, having some additional replacement batteries is the best tip. Thus, remember to buy extra batteries while purchasing your initial alarm system. Also, other batteries need checking too, so do not forget to test your transmitters and motion/smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detectors.

Home Alarm Backup Battery: Why Alarm Power Supply?

Multimeter Battery for Home Alarm System

A home alarm system can’t work without a power supply, because this is a source of its electric energy. So, alarm systems can be powered by home’s electricity, batteries, and a combination of both.

Speaking of wireless alarm systems, they require no electrical connection. Thus, all the components of a wireless system run off batteries. But, if a transformer is connected to an electrical outlet, then it should be powered.

As for hardwire alarm system sensors, keypads, siren, motion detectors and strobe, they are connected to the master control panel with wires. Consequently, they all rely on home’s electricity. However, it is better to have some back-up battery if the circuit board (CPU) power fails. That is why most alarm systems are equipped with a 24-hour backup battery. If the power goes out, one’s home security system will keep operating.

How to Change a Battery for Home Alarm System: “Do-It-Yourself”

 Change a Battery for Home Alarm System

Luckily, a display will definitely notify you whether the alarm battery starts losing its ability. In this case, it should be replaced. Remember that calling a technician is much more expensive than studying these simple guidelines.

  • Remove the front panel door and locate the battery in the alarm system with 2 cables hooked.
  • An engineer’s code should be entered to disconnect the battery and avoid tripping the alarm. If this code isn’t accessible, cover the alarm speaker to reduce the sound, and remove the battery. Keep in mind that most alarms sound more than 100 decibels which can cause serious damage to eardrums.
  • After cable removing, unplug the main panel power supply. This will prevent possible electrocution.
  • Install the new battery inside the panel compartment and reattach the cables, plugging the power supply.
  • Most alarms may continue to sound, even with the entered engineer’s code. But if it was entered before the battery removal, it would be ok. If the alarm still sounds, check the tamper switches of the main panel. They are pushed back into place along with the main panel door’s putting back into place. So, reinstall this door.
  • You can use a battery of higher or lower capacity. In the first case, the device’s running time will improve. But the charge time for such higher Ah battery will certainly last longer.
  • Generally, it is advisable to refer to the owner’s manual before any replacement.

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