Cellular Alarm System. Who Said That Security Systems Are Ineffective?

Cellular Alarm SystemLooking for the new ways to provide their homes with better protection, more and more people choose the cellular alarm system. The increase of burglaries made people start purchasing monitored security systems for their houses and apartments. However the burglars have adapted to these systems and have studied the methods of avoiding the security sensors. The simplest way for them is to cut the land-line.

That’s why going on a vacation, many people are worried about their places of living and are disappointed, when they receive a police call.

If your home monitoring system is associated with a land-line, it is easy for any burglar to bypass it. Some security systems have a special signal, which activates when it detects disruption, but the most reliable way of your home protection is the system that communicates through a cellular signal.

The Advantages of the Cellular System’s Work

A cellular alarm system has many advantages. As the research shows, about 85 % of those, who have already eliminated their old telephone service line and relied on cellular communities are pleased with the quality system they have got. The rest are still discovering the pros of the new security they’ve received.

Every month you are about to save $ 40 and you receive a more technically secure communications. POTS lines are usually exposed at the point that they come into your apartment or house. The criminals are aware of this and they simply cut the exposed line to render the security.

The effectiveness of the cellular system mostly depends on the needs you have. This alarm security is, as a rule, more expensive than a standard land-line security. But as long as it protects you and your place from the burglars, it is worth the cost you pay.

Cellular System's Work

The Monitoring System

A regular security system communicates through transmissions via the land-line phone. As the sensor is trigged, the panel interprets the alert and sends the signal to the monitoring service. If you get a cellular system, its transmission won’t rely on the phone line while sending the alert, whether it is active or not.

Cellular system doesn’t only protect from the burglars, but informs about the fire, heat or smoke, temperature, flood, provides asset protection. Cellular line allows sending much more information such as low battery, arm or disarm, different supervisory signals and troubles.

Besides, cellular services are very practical and are required by people in cases they can’t get POTS at the location they would like to protect.

Monitoring System

No Phone – No Cut Lines

Forget about your phone lines, switch to the cellular alarm system. Be sure that your system will be upgraded to the cell phone work and will provide a wireless contact with the monitoring station when a burglary or any other problem occurs. Isn’t that the optimal way of savings and home protection? It is, as long as these monitoring rates are more effective than the wired ones.

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