Cellular Home Alarm Systems: 6 Obvious Benefits

Cellular Home Alarm SystemsIt’s well-known that home security systems are aimed to work for protecting your home from any break-ins, floods, fires, carbon monoxide and many more. But having a monitored alarm system means that a whole team of specialists is on everyday duty to keep an eye on your troubles. No matter, whether you are at home or not, protection against an unwanted entry is guaranteed.

These days, security companies offer truly full service. In fact, you can choose either between installing a combination of devices yourself or having it professionally installed. Also, home security monitoring is offered. Besides, there can be complete home automation, enabling you to control your home through the cell phone.

4 Setups of Home Alarm Systems: Needs & Budget

 4 Setups of Home Alarm Systems

  • Hard wired systems run off your telephone line, or landline. They are both traditional and least expensive, but not as secure as cellular ones.
  • Wireless systems also run off a landline, but the sensors are not hard wired. Thus, you may move your alarm system together with moving to another home.
  • Cable or broadband systems run off your Internet connection. Opting for such a solution, you will need a battery backup for your router/modem.
  • Cellular systems are really a way to go, as they communicate with the central station through a cellular signal, not cables. This is a 2-way cellular network, not the same as your cell phone’s one. Therefore, the system will not go down in case of dropped calls.

6 Obvious Benefits of Cellular Home Alarm Systems

  1. The alarm equipment is already programmed, tested and ready to be shipped via UPS. So, you can have it operated in 10-15 minutes.
  2. If a burglar cuts your phone lines, cellular alarm signals will still get through the 24h monitoring center. This happens due to the built-in rechargeable battery which powers the system.
  3. Nationwide GSM cellular coverage. No comment.
  4. As for equipment, the main control unit is some desktop device, hidden out of sight. The inside siren is also wireless. A keychain is used to arm or disarm the system. Actually, you can easily attach wireless door sensors without any tools.
  5. The system works by using the wireless keychain remote/keypad for arming the system. If an intruder enters, the door sensors and motion detectors will trip the alarm. The inside sounder will secretly transmit a radio signal to an emergency center, and it will notify the authorities immediately.
  6. This is probably one of the easiest systems on the alarm market.

Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System: No More Trouble

 Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System

Once you have selected cellular monitoring, your alarm will get a built-in GSM cellular device for being connected to the controlling facility. Since it is not a landline home phone/internet connection, the system requires no extra wires to work. You’re simply plugging the command station into the power outlet and enjoy this service. All communication is provided via cellular towers, that is all. However, such a system can be combined with a landline back-up connection.

In other words, this is anytime and anywhere alarm management. Just arm your system, manage contacts, request notifications, and here you go with a computer or smart phone. The application will do everything for you. Now, to access a real-time history of alarm system events is more than simple. Just imagine that you will be notified about your children coming from school, the housekeeper arriving and leaving, your liquor cabinet or garage door opening.

Gain comfort, protect your family and get a piece of mind!

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