Compare Security Systems for Home: Wired, Wireless, Cellular

Compare Security Systems for HomeWhen it comes to choosing security systems, homeowners face lots of problems that are mainly based on the types of alarms, brands and prices. To make your choice easier, we are going to compare security systems for home and let you know which ones are optimal.

Wired vs. Wireless: Which Are Better?

Home security systems are based either on wireless or wired technologies. There are cases, when the system is a combination of both types. So, which one is better?

Wired alarms need electric wiring, which extends to the door and window sensors from the keypad and the control panel. It is difficult to disable such system, besides, there’s no need to worry about the battery life, as the alarm is wired to electricity.

 Wired vs. Wireless: Which Are Better?

To the main advantages of wired alarm systems belong:

  • they allow distances between devices;
  • they are usually pre-installed in pre-owned homes, which allows to save costs;
  • such systems are inexpensive;
  • they are not as susceptible to interference.

Wireless home security systems are also very popular among many homeowners. They are generally based on small radio transmitters to communicate between sensor, cameras and control panels. Such systems are generally installed in a couple of minutes and can be easily moved to another place, if the owner rents the apartments. Of course, a wireless system has its own drawbacks. The system is easier to disable, the batteries can discharge any time and the distance between the system’s components is restricted.

To the advantages of wireless alarm systems belong:

  • they can be easily installed;
  • they can be removed and taken to another place any time;
  • their professional installation is relatively cheap;
  • the location and technical changes are easily performed.

Cellular Security Systems

Such home security systems are connected with the help of a cellular link and wireless sensors, which communicate via the link.

The control panel of the alarm receives regular updates from the sensors, when the signals are sent over a secure network. A cellular security system lessens the possibility of an intruder entering the place without being detected.

Top 3 Security Systems

Wired, wireless and cellular alarms can be easily enhanced with multiple options like strobes, hidden cameras, automatic telephone dialing, etc. All one should do is to choose a proper brand. Compare security systems for home from the best manufacturers and choose the one that is the most reliable.

Today there exist three most reliable brands:

  • FrontPoint Security
  • ADT Security
  • Protect America

Top 3 Security Systems

FrontPoint Security takes the leading place and is characterized by Rapid Response and Interactive services. Clear pricing and custom services make this brand’s alarms beneficial. Any system can be installed within 30 minutes. The security systems of the brand are 100% wireless, so they can be quite easily installed in rented apartments. The pricing of the brand is simple and straightforward. The company is ready to offer free equipment and a higher monthly fee.

ADT Security offers a large network of professional installers and a variety of services. The brand uses equipment from Honeywell and is always ready to offer cellular, landline and broadband monitoring. The brand has home automation features and mobile management.

Protect America equipment comes with a lifetime warranty, offering three types of monitoring: cellular, landline and broadband. The primer advantages of its security systems are low price and reliability. The monthly fee varies depending on the amount of equipment and the type of monitoring one is about to select.

Compare security systems for home from these three brands and purchase the one that is the most reliable for your house/apartment.

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