DSC Home Alarm Systems: Revolutionary Guarding Products for Your Home

DSC Home Alarm SystemDSC (Digital Security Controls) is a Canadian company that is regarded to as one of the leaders in security system manufacturing. Its high class equipment has been used all over the world to protect homes, industrial facilities and various organizations. DSC home alarm systems are used due to such factors as reliability, affordability and simple installation.

Digital Security Controls has been innovative in the security keypads and micro-processor based alarm panel systems development. Today its products are popular in over 140 countries of the world. It provides:

  • control panels;
  • fire alarm systems;
  • detectors of security;
  • control modules;
  • tracking stations;
  • software;
  • communication modules;
  • equipment to build full-featured security systems.

Benefits of DSC

DSC home alarm system belongs to top best security products due to a number of things. To begin with, its components are upgradable. The brand offers false alarm reduction features and a variety of monitoring services including ADT.

The installation standards of the company are very high, so buying DSC alarms one ensures quality installation. Professional installers undergo instructional seminars and tests before they are authorized to install alarm kits.

Benefits of DSC

The alarm systems of this brand are cost effective and are rather effective at security control. As they aren’t based on batteries, there is no need to worry about their discharge. Besides, there are lots of various options one can select from.

The brand offers a great variety of products that easily suit the needs of all homeowners. Its contemporary self-contained wireless alarm panels are highly reliable and cost-effective. The alarms detect the slightest movement, as the signals travel through cords, and don’t rely on radio waves.

DSC Technology

DSC systems are available in hard-wired formats and wireless control panels. They offer dialing capabilities, which make the automatic contact with a monitoring station possible. They are manufactured to provide protection for low temperatures, flooding, smoke detection and carbon monoxide.

The security equipment of the company is divided into three main series: Power, Envoy and MAXSYS. All the types have a modular architecture that allows the construction in the accordance with all customers’ requirements.

DSC Technology

Series Wireless Envoy is perfect for minimal layout and is quite easy to use.

The Power series is reliable security equipment that is perfect for small and medium scale security systems development. The range of its functionality is impressive. The sensors provide the warnings as to unwelcomed visitors.

The MAXSYS series are used for the development of burglar alarm systems with lots of objects and many clients.

These security systems are accepted by all monitoring centers of the world, as they correspond to all internationally accepted standards. The greatest benefit of the DSC equipment is the fact it can be hooked up to detectors and sensors from other suppliers and manufacturers.

DSC alarm systems have touch screen capabilities and offer window sensors in addition to door sensors. The variety of security cameras and surveillance monitors is really great.

DSC home security system provides comprehensive security for any place and at any time.

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