Home Alarm Parts Suppliers – Do You Know What Your Home Alarm Needs?

Home Alarm Parts SuppliersYou need various home alarm components, or parts, in order to make and keep your home alarm system effective. Also, different home alarm parts are available as replacement components when your home security parts have been damaged or ceased to operate. It is always a better option to replace one of the components (or a few) rather than the whole security system at once.

Just like with any other kind of equipment, any home security system has a number of components that work together by providing some sort of useful function. If one component becomes faulty, then the whole system may be put in jeopardy. You may have a home alarm system with just a few basic components, such as the security panel and components for the entry area. However, if you desire to have a more sophisticated system, then by contacting your home alarm parts suppliers you will be able to get all the “bells and whistles” to add to your home alarm system.

Know Your Home Alarm Main Components

Unless you are a pro, you need to get familiar with components that make up your home alarm system. The following is the list of components that come standard with the most alarm systems, and ones that you may additionally get in order to make your home alarm system more proficient.

Door & Window sensors

Most home alarm systems work by using magnetic contact sensors that easily set-off an alarm whenever a burglar disrupts the contact by trying to open the door or window. They may use a wired or wireless signal to communicate with the main control panel.


Keypad is the only part or your home alarm system with which you will have to interact directly. By using a keypad, you will be able to arm and disarm your alarm system and immediately contact emergency services with a press of a button, since it is directly linked to a control panel. There are various models of keypads available: basic, such as a light-emitting diode (LED), or more sophisticated ones, such as alphanumeric burglar alarm keypad, which you can get through a home alarm parts supplier. You may also use your keypad (security console) to customize your alarm in many different ways.

Control panel

A control panel is considered to be the “brain” of the whole security system. All other components are linked to a control panel. It is the only part of your home’s security system that is able to contact the outside world (police, security monitoring company, etc.), and it may do so by using a cellular network or a landline in case of burglary.

Motion sensors

These components are responsible for projecting an infrared beam over a wide area. When someone moves within the area of beam’s range, it will become disrupted, and then the sensor will communicate with a control panel, which will trigger an alarm and then notify proper authorities.

 Home Alarm Main Components

Additional Components Which You May Get Through a Home Alarm Parts Supplier

  • Sirens – these will kick in once a control panel receives a signal
  • Water sensors – these will monitor your home for flooding from a broken pipe
  • Cameras – whenever you are at home or away, cameras will let you keep an eye on things

Furthermore, you may choose other useful components, by adding which you will be able to make your home alarm system even more functional and protect and secure your home and your family 24/7!

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