Home Alarm without Landline: 2 Options of Today’s Security Systems

Home Alarm without LandlineThey say, the first half of one’s secured home is having an installed home alarm system. Indeed, what can be easier than the signal sent to some monitoring station, which contacts both you and the authorities? Remember that without any home security monitoring service, tripped alarm will never contact the police. Thus, the best solution to keep your home and family secure and safe is to choose a proper monitoring solution for fitting your budget and lifestyle.

The only option of the past days was monitoring a security system through a telephone line. Though this is still a reliable option for many modern customers, the majority of households chooses installing a non-landline telephone service. Why, make your security system fit your home, and not the reverse. Especially with today’s advanced technologies, which allow to meet all your needs.

3 Different Types of Home Security Service Available

Landline Monitoring Solution – Standard Benefits for Larger Homes

Landline Monitoring Solution

When choosing this standard solution, your GE control panel ‘communicates’ with monitoring facility through your standard landline telephone. Speaking of landline solution benefits, this is the ability to control a total of 40 zones, created in window and door sensors, talking keypads, motion detectors, etc. It’s probably perfect for larger homes, as you can save on purchasing a second command station. Moreover, you get full nationwide coverage. Lastly, it is possible to call from any phone in order to arm/disarm the monitoring unit.

Broadband Monitoring — As Fast As a Lightning

Broadband Monitoring

With this type of protection, your alarm system sends signals through the Internet connection, notifying of any home problem by email. You can check on the status and arm/disarm the system online or via smart phone applications. The main benefit of broadband solution, or home alarm without landline, is a 2-second reaction, while signaling to the monitoring station.

Also, you may ditch the landline, giving up a home phone in favor of a cell one. This means you get high speed broadband connection. In fact, you get a master control panel plugged into the port on your modem/router, instead of a telephone line for connecting the monitoring facility. To provide 24-hour protection, the cutting-edge computer technology is used for your 7-day support.

Cellular Monitoring — No Phone, No Problem

Cellular Monitoring

Due to the following solution, you receive a truly flexible monitoring service of home security. In this case, your alarm system includes a built-in GSM device, connected to the monitoring station. There is no more need for landline connection: either home phone or Internet.

There is an app for that. Besides, such an alarm system does not require extra wires to work and extra equipment to buy. Except plugging the command station into your power outlet, everything else is absolutely wireless. The key thing about it is some adequate cellular phone coverage in a certain area. In addition, the cellular system can be used in conjunction with a landline back-up connection.

So, you may get alarm control both at home and online, just sipping your coffee. All you need is to arm your system, manage contacts and request notifications in order to fit your needs anytime and anywhere. With your mobile app or internet connection you can now see which doors or windows are open and when your children come from school. No doubt, home alarm systems without landline are the advanced solutions of your security.

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