How Much Is Home Security System? 8 Points to Remember

How Much Is Home Security System?Generally, it can be rather difficult to determine the cost of any home security system because of many reasons. First of all, one may either install it himself or use professional help. Secondly, it is necessary to decide on the type of technology used. Thirdly, the number of entry points and sensors should be calculated too. And, of course, the costs vary on services needed. Thus, functions, types, effects and other considerations are the key things here. Let’s get into all this.

Functions: from the Security System Type to the Services Provided

The costs for variable systems depend on the functions and services, as well as on some other factors. The type of alarm and the number of sensors usually drive your initial installation cost. Generally, there are 2 types of home security systems: either hard-wired or wireless. The latter costs and protects less. In fact, many free installations offer wireless security systems. As for hard-wired ones, they are more expensive, but more reliable.

Their price is about $90-$130 for every doorway or window point, and $110-$130 for each motion sensor. Thus, it can be thousands of dollars totally, depending on the home footage. But if you install one yourself, you’ll simply pay for monitoring. Speaking of services, they cost extra. Consequently, try to find a locally owned and operated company with full-service: installing, maintaining and monitoring your system.

Effects: to Pay or Not to Pay for Them?

Installing an effective home security system means that both you and the company monitoring center will be alerted in case of intrusion. Most customers are sure that criminals tend to run away after the very shrill of the alarm. In reality, the entry way is still opened for the thieves to break.

What’s more, they can easily return through a shattered window later, though your monitoring company has already checked the alarm. So, do not hesitate whether to include or not to include monitoring. Its costs are quite inexpensive, that is about $20-$50 a month. But much of it can be recovered from your homeowner’s insurance policy rebates.

Be Aware of ‘Free’ Proposals: ‘a Miser Pays Twice’

The so-called ‘free home security systems’ are extremely limited. All you’ll be offered is an alarm panel and 1-2 sensors. However, if you want more devices, the company will ask for a significant fee. Also, such free systems require a kind of a renewable contract, with only the 1st year free and 4 next unknown. Finally, calls to their toll-free number are always charged to your account.

How Much Is Home Security System? 5 Things to Remember

Home Security System

  • Do-it-yourself systems are undoubtedly inexpensive. However, they do not promise much in terms of effectiveness and quality. The smallest and easiest to install are as little as $100.
  • Most cost-effective systems are those guarding the perimeter of your home ($450 for 1200 sq. ft.).
  • Least costly systems with door and window sensors plus cameras will start from $195.
  • A monitored system costs about $1000 to install, together with a monthly fee of ~$30.
  • Most companies offer home security system at a discounted rate (10%).

Well, there is a truly wide range of choices, just pick one to suit both your budget and individual needs.

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  1. Julia says:

    Agree with you that it’s difficult to determine the cost of any home security system but what i believe is, if i am getting something reliable and secured then for sure i will pay for it. Because all matters the perfect and effective home security system and i would love to pay it for the security of my family. I actually feel its importance as i am one of the victims of burglars.And now-a-days a high number of burglaries are committed which is threatening to us. By the way very well described choices,now it would easier for all to choose their one.

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