Vector Home Security: Things that Make the System the Best

Vector Home SecurityThe very first thing you have to keep in mind is that before trusting your home to any security company, you are to learn about its services, position on the market and the team that can serve any customer regardless of whether his needs are long or short term ones.

Vector Home Security is one of companies you can rely on, as its highly experienced staff is ready to protect the things you cherish the most.

Established Traditions for the Best Security

Vector Home Security was founded by Benjamin Franklin and goes back to the colonial Days of 1752. Firstly this was a fire insurance establishment and today it is a privately owned company that has been providing home security for more than 30 years.

There is a number of reasons why this brand is chosen more frequently than others. To begin with, it monitors the secured area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Professionals set the sensors to each window and door and teach you to use keypad to control the system without passwords and secret codes you may easily forget.

A number of motion detectors tells when there is someone in your house, and smoke detection can save you and your family from ruins and even death.

Vector Home Security Monitoring

Perhaps, the greatest proof of the company’s reliability is the fact it has nearly 130.000 customers nationwide. Its headquarters in New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania are always ready to protect one’s home from potential thieves, helping to get them caught pretty quickly.

MyVectorSecurity Package

MyVectorSecurity is a special offer at affordable price. All devices are wireless and work without even being attached to the telephone line, as there are frequent cases when cutting off the telephone line is the very first thing a burglar does.

A user can easily monitor the system on his own and turn it on/off from any place in the world. Besides, there is a great possibility to view a complete 60-day history of the device and get full details concerning the equipment’s sensor activities.

By the way, this modern system of Vector Home Security can do special tasks like sending text messages and emails if the cabinet’s being touched, monitoring whether the children have come home and detecting if there’s a power failure.

This security system also provides many security devices, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, emergency response devices and surveillance cameras, guard service, access control and round the clock monitoring.

With new possibilities the system provides, a homeowner is able to control the system from his computer and cell phone.

 Vector Security Package

Top 12 Features Of Vector Security

If you still have doubts whether to use Vector services or not, view the characteristic features that make this security company one of the best in the USA:

  1. wireless GSM technology;
  2. unique access codes for visitors;
  3. possibilities to control the system remotely with the help of the Internet access;
  4. secured video storage;
  5. video recording;
  6. protection in cases when the power goes off or the phone lines are cut;
  7. modern “Crash and Smash” detection technology;
  8. live broadcast;
  9. intruders retention with light schedules;
  10. alerts via text messaging and email;
  11. lights, locks and appliances control;
  12. access to 60-day history.

Such arguments in favor of Vector Home Security prove that this trusted system is worth your consideration.

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