Wireless Alarm Systems for Apartments, or How to Be Smarter than a Burglar

Wireless Alarm Systems for ApartmentsYou know, burglars become more and more inventive in disabling your security these days. However, they are still seeking for some gaps in your home alarm systems. Thus, your phone line is the first thing they will cut in hope to get into the apartment. In these terms, cellular alarm monitoring for immediate response is perhaps the best what you can choose today. Due to a built-in module, you won’t need any phone line, so burglars will have nothing to cut. Why not save on phone bills and get wireless security? With special sensors, set up in several minutes, you’ll be able to communicate with your base station up to 500 ft. away.

Actually, this is enough to protect a home of any size. As for the batteries, they typically come pre-installed into each sensor and are just seconds to replace. Besides, wireless alarm systems for apartments work independently of your home Wi-Fi. There is also a ‘panic button’ to provide help at your fingertips. Having placed it in your bedroom, you can alert of an intruder entering your home at night. In 2 seconds, the emergency monitoring staff will let the police know about the danger.

What’s more, such alarm systems do not detect small pets if placed 5 feet above the ground. In a word, live safely without any hassle, complexity or annoyance, as being secure should be simple. The cellular, wireless and customizable security system means working anywhere and fitting any apartment.

Wireless Home Alarm System Reviews: Super-Secret Formula

  • Cellular allows communicating more quickly with the base center, which means you need no phone line. It can be either free of charge or bought as additional equipment, charging up to $55/month for monitoring.
  • There are services with contract, as well as ‘pay as you go’ ones, with no termination fees.
  • DIY installation means ‘plug & play’, that is you get pre-programmed sensors, installed batteries and ready-mounted adhesive strips —just peel and stick.
  • You may want professional monitoring, police dispatch and phone alerts, but they are at an optional cost.
  • Wireless home security systems reviews state that such alarms are quite easy to expand and customize. Simply add more sensors, up to 26 components.
  • Speaking of batteries, they provide 5-year protection. However, one can easily get as many replacements from local drugstores as necessary. These batteries work in power outages, because they aren’t dependent on power grids.
  • This alarm is used the same as car alarm. When going out, press ‘Away’ button and activate all the sensors. When coming back home, press ‘Home’ button and deactivate the motion sensors.
  • All the sensors are pet-friendly.
  • Wireless alarms are to be the sleekest and the slickest security systems you have ever seen.
  • There are many layers of defense and other ingenious ways of out-foxing, in order to cut even the most intelligent burglar’s claws.
  • Several guarantees are usually the risks of home alarm companies, because they know from experience how happy you will be with their alarm.
  • According to wireless home alarm system reviews, reputable service providers are truly fanatical about the customers’ support. Thus, they have highly trained technicians for quick resolving any issues you may have.

Wireless Home Security System Reviews: A Few of Big Names

Wireless Home Security System Reviews

  1. ADT is the most expensive system, but you get what you pay for. They have 5 monitoring centers nationwide. Their completely wireless system is truly a wired brain sitting in your closet. The total price is $890 up-front.
  2. Brinks do not quote any prices over the phone. But after the appointment, the total price was found out to be $100 up-front.
  3. Protection One sells the Ademco/Honeywell/GE Concord 4 wireless security systems. They do their own monitoring, totally priced $400.
  4. Protect America does offer the only alarm system that is fully wireless (GE Simon 3). With their system, you get really exclusive features. It is very customizable and solid. The price is free, just $35 per month for 2 years.

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