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Scantronic Alarm SystemThe Scantronic International Company is one of the forward companies in the world. It is engaged in the security industry. There are a lot of different types of security systems and panels in the structure of production. Let’s consider some of them.

The Control panel 8136i

This panel provides 8 programmed zones of protection. It allows making dating of 500 events.

The panel of remote control 8xx

It is one of the recent advances of the company. It includes Control panel, the second panel and the detector with gauges.

The Scantronic alarm system Avenger 10

The system includes 8 programmed zones. The arrangement may be programmed by means of the keyboard. It is suitable for installation in houses and small enterprises.

The Scantronic alarm system 751

This system is ideal for installation in houses and small enterprises. It guarantees maximal reliability.

The Characteristics of the control panel are the following:

  • Loading from a personal computer
  • 6 programmed zones
  • Fast response to influence

The control panel Classic 7

Scantronic Control Panel

This panel is ideal for installation in flats, offices and shops. It has modern physical appearance, built-in keyboard, simple interfaces. The panel answers all safety requirements. It is very convenient in use and runs on batteries.

The Scantronic alarm system has many types of home security systems. It begins from not very big budget versions ending with rich professional systems. Many people have no possibility to buy rich alarm systems. But everyone wants to protect his house.

It’s very easily to fall a victim to the burglar. It is true that any home alarm system is better than no alarm at all. Good words. So, the company has taken care of such a situation. It has provided the budgetary version of the alarm system – the Scantronic 9478.

Scantronic Alarm System Iphone

This model is hard wired. Many people prefer such systems. Plus it runs from the power grid. You don’t need to worry about the batteries. But it’s better to install such systems withthe help of professionals. The wires in the system are hidden. It allows providing security from interventions of burglars and animals. The major minus considers the absence of the LCD display in the Scantronic 9478. Or you cannot see that the alarm system worked while you were out. Such model is a big, white, plastic block on your wall. It provides your house with reliable protection.

The company has also let out a special scanner for cars. It is called Scantronic-2. This device is intended for car-care centers. It makes diagnostics of cars of different brands. The Scantronic-2 represents the separate block. The complete set includes cables for connection to car’s sockets. The information is displayed on the PC. The volume of the information depends on the car’s mark.

Diagnostic possibilities of the scanner are high enough. They can also extend owing to updating of the software. The updating is dispatched to all registered members by e-mail. It’s very comfortable.

Scantronic Alarm

Use products of the Scantronic Company! Be protected!

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